Broek op Langedijk


In Broek op Langedijk you will find the oldest vegetable auction in the world, which is still in operation. However, this auction is not just any auction - it is a transit auction. Fresh seasonal vegetables arrive here daily by boat, where traders and individuals can bid. You can also bid along yourself! The Museum BroekerVeiling offers a look behind the scenes, where market gardeners and sellers enthusiastically talk about the rich history of this unique piece of Broek op Langedijk.

Empire of a Thousand Islands

It is no coincidence that the auction is located right here: the area is known for its fertile soil. The Realm of the Thousand Islands is the most striking example of this. These were once more than 15,000 islands around Broek op Langedijk, Noord-Scharwoude and Zuid-Scharwoude. Today, part of this area has been transformed into a nature reserve, while other parts have been built on. A last remnant of the fields is still used, especially around the BroekerVeiling - the auction boats sail past here.


The nature reserve that is part of the Realm of the Thousand Islands is known as the Oosterdel. Here you can enjoy beautiful biking and hiking trails. This 80-hectare area is still home to some 200 remaining islands, some of which are overgrown and others still serve as fields. It is also possible to book boat trips to explore the area from the water.