Den Oever

A rich history

With a rich history dating back to the 15th century, Den Oever still retains the peaceful atmosphere of the Wadden coast, although Wieringen is no longer an island. The area offers a paradise for nature lovers, with vast mudflats full of unique plants and lush vegetation in the salt marshes. Numerous bird species, ranging from spoonbills and ducks to shorebirds and gulls, find a home here. Den Oever is one of the most diverse places in North Holland in terms of flora and fauna. During a mudflat walk, you even have a chance of spotting seals.

Fishing village

As a fishing village, Den Oever is known for its lively harbor and thriving fisheries, especially shrimp fishing. At the fresh fish market, held every Saturday, you can get the freshest catch - your cod could be on your plate within hours of being pulled from the sea. An absolute must is a visit to the Flora and Fishing Days, a five-day event held annually in August. During these days, you can board a shrimp boat, listen to the stories of real fishermen, and of course, fully enjoy the delicious seafood the area has to offer.


Explore the charming village center of Den Oever, where you can enjoy a snack and a drink at one of the cozy cafes and restaurants. Also explore the many attractions, including the unique corn mill De Hoop, the Viking Information Center, the Wieringer Island Museum and the old lighthouse, which was extinguished in 2009. Despite its modest size, Den Oever offers a wealth of activities and attractions!