On the shores of Lake IJssel lies Volendam, perhaps the most iconic village in the Netherlands. Originally a fishing village, it is now best known for its rich musical heritage, spawned by numerous famous artists who originated here. Besides the famous dike with its quaint restaurants and souvenir stores, Volendam offers much more to explore. For example, visit the Palingsound Museum, located in Paviljoen Smit-Bokkum. Located on the waterfront of the IJsselmeer, this pavilion also offers the chance to enjoy traditionally smoked eel, a tradition continued here from generation to generation.


Volendam is best known to tourists for its traditional costumes and famous singers, but the village has much more to offer. You can enjoy varied and catered outings, such as musical, informative, adventurous or culinary experiences (and yes, not just seafood). There are also plenty of options for delicious lunches, dinners and high teas. Also, don't forget to visit the many interesting museums! In short, Volendam is much more than just the stereotypical pictures in costume.

The boat to Marken

The boat to Marken offers a unique experience to reach this historic island. Marken used to be accessible only by boat, but today you can also get there by land. The island has a rich history dating back to the 13th century, when it was inhabited by Frisian monks who lived off the land and animals.

Throughout the year you can take a special boat between Volendam and Marken, a trip of about thirty minutes. On board you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a refreshing beer while enjoying a unique view of the former Zuiderzee.

A day trip to Volendam is an ideal outing for the whole family, and from Strand49 you are there within an hour!