Climbing Park De KlimVallei

Nature-conscious enjoyment

Climbing Park the Climbing Valley is known as an eco-climbing park, where all obstacles are built with sustainable materials and where nature is respected. Instructors at the Climbing Valley are well trained and closely supervise all climbers.

But if climbing is not your thing, no problem! In the vicinity of the KlimVallei there is something for everyone. Just a hundred meters away is the Helderse Vallei, a visitor center with a petting zoo and a barefoot trail. You can enjoy relaxing walks here, and on hot summer days you can cool off in the nearby forest or the sea, just a kilometer away from the climbing park. And when you are done playing, you can enjoy delicious pancakes at Pancake House "The Pancake Valley," just fifty meters from the park.

For all levels

At the Climbing Valley you will find four different climbing courses, each at a different height. The course at 4 meters height is perfect for beginners and suitable for everyone. The course at 4-6 meters offers a little more challenge, while the two courses at 8 meters range from strenuous to demanding. Thus, there is something for every level at the Climbing Valley. To ensure safety, there are certain dress codes and rules; please refer to the website of the climbing park.