The Steam Tram

Explore the signal box, discover the exhibition "The Timeline" or visit the Bello Atelier, where you can admire old-fashioned locomotives in peace. A perfect getaway from Strand49, as you are there within three quarters of an hour.


During the trip, for the youngest, the exciting Stoomsafari from Hoorn to Medemblik begins. They take an adventurous journey of discovery along the historic 1887 local railroad, with stops at Opperdoes, Twisk and Wognum stations. The stoker keeps the fire burning and the children even get to lend a hand. An exciting adventure!

Once you arrive in Medemblik, a world of adventure awaits. Visit the famous Bakkersmuseum De Oude Bakkerij, where children can help the baker and learn all about the baking process. While parents relax with a cup of coffee and something tasty in the conservatory, they can keep an eye on things. After some bakery adventures, visitors can enjoy various shows that take them through the history of the bakery machines and the delicacies of yesteryear.

Radboud Castle

Radboud Castle offers an exciting variety. Adventurous children can enjoy a guided tour of the castle's history here. Through an engaging audio tour, narrated by original residents Floris V and his wife Beatrijs, you will discover all the secrets of the castle, from historical facts to remarkable details that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is also a fascinating experience for parents!

Are the kids too young for the audio tour? No problem! For them there is a special pilgrim treasure hunt. They have to complete various tasks and answer questions to find the redeeming code and open the treasure chest. An adventurous fun for the whole family!

Back by boat or train?

Do you want to return to Hoorn from Medemblik? There are two ways to do that. Option one is a return trip by steam streetcar. Depending on the current timetable on that day, you will travel back on the same train or transfer. Option two is to take the boat. The impressive museum ship 'Friesland' sails from Medemblik to the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. There you can then take the 'regular' train, which will get you back to Hoorn from the NS station in Enkhuizen within 20 minutes!