Van Blankendaell Park

Looking for a fun outing where the little ones are guaranteed to have fun? The animal park offers various animal species, a spacious playground, a carousel, catering facilities and a beautiful park garden. It is the ideal destination for a day out with the little ones!

The animal park

At the Van Blankendaell Park you will find some 70 different animal species, ranging from the Capuchin Monkey to the Prairie Dog and from the Cockatoo to the Koi Carp. Each animal is accompanied by information about the continent they come from, making a visit to Van Blanckendaell Park educational as well. At the entrance to the park you will receive a clear map, so you know exactly where to go. On the website, you can find all the animals and read more information about the different species cared for at Blanckendaell.


In addition to the animals, the park also houses a large playground with a carousel and a little train. During vacation periods the merry-go-round and the little train are open daily, outside the vacations only on weekends. Always consult the website for the most recent opening hours of these attractions at Blanckendaell. In addition, the animal park has a museum where a collection of old agricultural tools is on display, collected by a local resident of Tuitjenhorn.


In the middle of the animal park is an old-fashioned mill, which is a legacy of the original farming background of Blanckendaell Park. Although the mill is not open to the public, it serves as a landmark while walking through the park. It began as a modest zoo, actually more of a petting zoo, with a few sheep, Bennet Wallabies and llamas. Later the number of animals grew, both Dutch farm animals and exotic species, and a petting zoo was also created at the park.

The Van Blanckendaell Park is an ideal outing with small children. You can get there by car from Strand49 campsite in about 10 minutes.