Sloop Network

Thanks to this handy tool, available through the website or mobile app, you can easily plan routes throughout the Netherlands. Since June 2018, these routes are also available in the north of North Holland, near Strand49. Enjoy wonderful summer days on the water!

200 kilometers

With a vast network of 200 kilometers, the Sloepennetwerk in North Holland was launched in June 2018. Given the abundant water in the north of the province, which has the largest area of water in the Netherlands, adding this route to the Sloepennetwerk was a logical step. The Sloepennetwerk website and app offer a variety of boating routes, ranging from day trips to multi-day adventures. Prefer to map out your own route? No problem! Via the website you can also put together a route that appeals to you. The route planner will immediately show you interesting places and cozy restaurants that you will encounter along the way.

Boat rentals at Greenjoy

At Greenjoy you can rent boats throughout the Netherlands, and since the opening of the sloop network in North Holland North, this is now also possible in Alkmaar. At Greenjoy you can rent electric whisper boats. With an electric whisper sloop you rent a boat without noise and without exhaust fumes, which is both environmentally friendly and pleasant. Renting at Greenjoy works a little differently than you might be used to. You reserve the boat through the website and then receive confirmation and sailing instructions by e-mail. After that, you can use your phone to turn the rented sloop on or off via text message. Upon your return, you can also switch the boat on or off yourself with your phone.

Through the website you can reserve a boat and enjoy a day (or several days) on the water. The sloops are located in Alkmaar at Mallegatsplein 12 in the city center. From camping Strand49 you can reach this location within a half hour drive. An ideal outing!